Travel World Culture is a travel community for everybody. We create affordable and attainable group trips for everyone 18-35.  But how we do this is what makes us special.


In fact, the TWC founders, Gavin and Jess, quit their corporate iobs to travel full-time, researching each destination in-depth to make TWC travel experiences authentic, heartfelt, and based in an ethically conscious frame of mind. 


By ethically conscious frame of mind, we mean: partnering with local businesses, giving back to every destination to show our gratitude, and being respectful to all people and animals. We believe that this sustainably supports and empowers the communities that welcome us.


Traveling with TWC is about so much more than just a vacation. It’s about expanding your world view, creating friendships and connections around the world, growing and pushing yourself to try new things, and all of us learning together how to be more compassionate people and travelers. 


The friendships to arise from our group trips make this community a family. This family can help each of you adventurous souls begin exploring our beautiful world. 

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"My 10 day trip was easily the best trip of my life, largely thanks to the planning from TWC. They gave me the perfect balance of structure and freedom as I had tons of optional local activities and restaurants to choose from in Banos, CotoPaxi, and Quito. They managed to book hostels other travelers would rave to me about without knowing I was staying there that had amazing views and people. Gavin always went out of his way to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Thanks!"

-TWC Traveler, James


"Totally exceeded my expectations! The effort y’all put in is so evident from the hostel choices to the food recs. Traveling with y’all really is a unique way to not “just be a tourist.” Y’all were the best! Such a good mix of exploring/ chilling with the group and guided/ planned activities. I have no idea how this trip was able to facilitate the group becoming so close so fast but I truly believe I met people I will for sure be texting to hang out with me!" ​

-TWC Traveler, Abi


"It was an awesome trip!!! Thank you so much for planning everything. It was so fun to get to meet y'all, hang with y'all, and get to know the rest of the group. The group was the sweetest and I thought it was the perfect size for us to all get to know each other and get close as a group. All the excursions were great and you guys gave us so many options to choose from on our free days. You kept us well informed the whole time!"

-TWC Traveler, Kaylee


"TWC is an incredible company run by two incredible people! I went on the spring break Portugal trip and it was by far the best trip I’ve ever been on/best travel experience I’ve ever had. The accommodations and excursions are hand picked and have all been highly rated/recommended. I felt like I got to experience the culture of the cities as a traveler rather than just a tourist and got to see so many different aspects of the country. Jess and Gavin do an amazing job of planning trips in a way that gives you both guidance and freedom to get to see the best parts of the country you visit. I genuinely can’t rave about them enough!!!! I can’t wait to go on more TWC trips in the near future!!"

-TWC Traveler, Sadika


"Loved the trip! Everything was perfectly planned out and the group was so much fun. Met and exceeded all my expectations! 11/10 group of people and experiences! Couldn’t be beat from game nights to karaoke."

-TWC Traveler, Mattie


"I loved every minute of Colombia! Definitely have been recommending all my friends to go! All of the tour guides were amazing & I loved learning about the history of Colombia through them, because they were so passionate and showed some much love to their country. JESS AND GAVIN ARE MY FAVORITES! ALL THE HOSTELS WERE AMAZING!!!! Thank you for constantly emailing/posting on FB for us before the trip. It made me worry less and more prepared for what was to come. I can't wait until our group reunion!"

-TWC Traveler, Tam


"Truly incredible. I loved that y’all included excursions and some structure but also gave us the flexibility of being independent. It was such a fun, stress-free experience. I loved the sense of community and how y’all are culturally sensitive and aware and try to incorporate that into your company!" 


-TWC Traveler, Kaitlyn


"I just went on the Colombia trip and I had SUCH a great time! I highly recommend anyone who’s wanting to take a trip to book with TWC. This was the first time I ever went on a trip that was organized by a company and it was better than what I could’ve experienced if I planned it myself or went with a bigger less personal and intimate company. I’m an event planner and am usually the one who plans every vacation I take and it was such a huge relief to not only not have to plan anything- but to also know that TWC’s itinerary was better than what I would’ve pulled off on my own. Plus - I didn’t have to convince any of my friends to take PTO when I could and didn’t worry about having to make friends because I knew the people going on the trip would be cool and I’d have no problem making friends with them! Jess and Gavin are so comprehensive and it’s impressive all the thought and care they’ve put into their trips. They extensively research the areas firsthand and make connections and partnerships with locals to provide the best and most genuine experience for everyone. I can’t wait to go on another soon and to bring all my friends! P.S. they also do custom trips!"

-TWC Traveler, Andrea


"Seriously such an incredible experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING. I wish we could've stayed in each place longer! I am so in love with Portugal and the hostel accommodations were nothing short of incredible! Thank you for setting us up with such amazingly wonderful places to stay!" 


-TWC Traveler 


"Gavin and Jess planned the perfect trip to Ecuador that let me travel with old and new friends without any of the stress and hassle of planning and booking everything! From jumping off bridges to delicious arepas to massive waterfalls to incredible volcano sunsets, Ecuador was one of my favorite destinations. Very clean and social hostels for a very affordable price. Would recommend TWC and this trip to everyone!"

-TWC Traveler, Don


"I really enjoyed all of it - the trip definitely exceeded my expectations. The group leaders were ridiculously awesome. The places were SO clean and fun and interesting. The transportation was all really comfortable, and it was definitely nice that it was mostly private. I loved the variety offered in the trip - historical tours to food-based experiences to outdoorsy athletic stuff - really great."

-TWC Traveler, Teagan


"The Spain/Morocco trip was an incredible experience. Gavin and Jess clearly put a lot of time and effort into planning the trip. I would highly recommend TWC to anyone looking to travel without the hassle of planning/booking everything on their own!"

-TWC Traveler, Connor


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