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If you're going to visit Ecuador, do it right! This 9-day trip leads you through the Andes Mountains to see the highlights of Ecuador. Along the way, you'll be staying in hand-picked accommodations and taking excursions personally recommended by Gavin and Jess. You'll stand in two different hemispheres at once, climb volcanoes, relax in hot springs underneath cascading waterfalls, and enjoy some of the most picturesque scenery you've ever seen. Ecuador is truly one of the most unique and spectacular places on Earth.


*Full Trip Itinerary below*



Check back soon for future TWC Ecuador trip dates!

  • 8 nights | 9 days in hand-picked accommodations

    • All accommodations have been personally stayed in and chosen by TWC.

  • 9 complimentary and delicious meals

    • Additionally, enjoy complimentary filtered water, tea, coffee, etc. most days. 

  • Transportation between cities 

    • Enjoy private transportation and rest up before arriving in the next city. 

  • Airport transfer service

    • You'll have nothing to worry about as you arrive in and depart Quito. 

  • Several fun excursions

    • See the full itinerary below for specific details on included excursions. 

  • A group leader for the duration of the trip

  • Individual TWC Traveler Account and access to a private group Facebook for the trip

    • Each TWC Traveler will be given access to their own account where they will find a trip-specific packing list, options to contact their trip consultants with any questions, a link to a private Facebook group for just the Ecuador TWC travelers and trip consultants, and more information. 

  • TWC trip consultants leading up to and during the trip for travel advice and to answer any questions

              *Note that your international flights to and from Quito are not included. We do however happily make suggestions and notify our travelers when great flight deals are available. Each traveler will also have to purchase travel insurance of their choosing that fits specific requirements, as required by TWC.

Further, each traveler will also have to purchase travel insurance of their choosing that fits specific requirements, as required by TWC. Policies that fit TWC standards begin at approximately $11.


Additionally, note that proof of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test taken no more than three (3) days before entering Ecuador or a COVID-19 vaccination card showing the traveler received a complete series of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to entering Ecuador will likely be required to enter the country.


*Full Trip Itinerary below*



Check out @travelworldculture and #travelworldculture on Instagram for more photos of the trip.

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"My 10 day trip was easily the best trip of my life, largely thanks to the planning from TWC. They gave me the perfect balance of structure and freedom as I had tons of optional local activities and restaurants to choose from in Banos, CotoPaxi, and Quito. They managed to book hostels other travelers would rave to me about without knowing I was staying there that had amazing views and people. Gavin always went out of his way to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Thanks!"

-TWC Traveler, James



  • Highlights 

    • Arrive in Quito, the capital of Ecuador at an elevation of 9,250 feet in the stunning Andes Mountains. Let the adventure begin!

    • Private transportation from the airport to the highly awarded hostel included.

    • Grab a drink at the rooftop bar of the nationally awarded hostel for the sunset. Enjoy the breathtaking views overlooking Quito. 

    • Meet everyone in the group and get excited for an amazing trip. 


Enjoy your first look at the amazing city of Quito over drinks at sunset. 

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  • Highlights 

    • Enjoy the free walking tour offered in the morning.

      • Meet your tour guide in the lobby of the hostel.

      • Visit La Compañía de Jesús, the most fascinating church in the city. 

      • Tour the Centro Histórica and learn about the history of the city while walking along the preserved colonial streets. 

      • Finally, you will also visit the Plaza Granda, home to the President's palace, Palace de Gobierno. 

  • Recommended Optional Excursions

    • Explore more of Quito by visiting Mitad del Mundo. Here you can stand on the Equator and tell your friends via Instagram that you were in two hemispheres at once!

    • Experience the nightlife in Quito! The hostel provides a party bus and fishbowl drinks for only $2. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the city and make amazing friends from across the world.


You can't miss checking out the music and dancing in Quito!



  • Highlights

    • Private transportation to Cotopaxi Volcano included. Cotopaxi National Park is an iconic destination for those traveling in Ecuador. Here you will find volcanoes that reach 19,388 feet tall. There are many ways to experience the area with hiking, biking, and horseback riding, but Cotopaxi is also a great place to kick back and relax. 

    • Get settled into the world-famous hostel with wine by the fire before your complimentary lunch.

    • Enjoy an included (but optional) 2-hour welcome tour to beautiful waterfalls in the area. 

    • Stay hydrated and refreshed with included tea, coffee, and drinking water throughout the day.


Cotopaxi Welcome Hike to waterfalls! 


Enjoy a hot tub, tea, wine, and family meals (all included!)

at the peaceful accommodation in Cotopaxi!



  • Highlights

    • Enjoy delicious complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner today.

    • Take in the stunning views of the surrounding volcanoes today. 

    • Take the exciting included excursion to the peak of Pasochoa Volcano. The guide, entrance fees, drinks and snacks are all included in this amazing experience. 

    • Afterwards, relax in the heated Jacuzzi at the hostel. 

  • Recommended Optional Excursions

    • Take a horseback riding excursion for even more stunning views. 


You can't help but be in awe of the scenery in Cotopaxi National Park. 


*Optional Excursions that aren't marked as free are not included.


  • Highlights

    • Today you'll wake up, grab complimentary breakfast, hop in your private bus, and head to Quilotoa Lagoon! 

      • You'll be able to spend your morning enjoying the beautiful caldera views of a collapsed volcano. 

    • Depart to Baños in the afternoon and get ready for the adventure capital of Ecuador! 

    • Baños has everything to offer. You can hike through lush forests, unwind in thermal springs heated by a volcano, enjoy a bike ride through the mountains, see a waterfall at every turn, or even enjoy a massage in town. 

    • Get settled in the hostel by laying in a hammock or playing some pool in the main room! 


Quilotoa Lagoon is a beautiful collapsed volcano!



  • Highlights

    • Everyone gathers together in the common room in the evenings to meet each other, play games, and exchange stories of their adventurous day. 

    • Explore, experience, and enjoy all of that Baños has to offer. 

    • Just a 10-minute walk from the hostel are relaxing natural hot springs with a beautiful waterfall as the backdrop. Entrance to these hot springs is only $1.50, so prepare to be a frequent visitor! 


Soar above the clouds at the Swing at The End of The World in Baños!

  • Recommended Optional Excursions

    • Take advantage of being in the adventure capital of Ecuador!

    • Canyoning, River Rafting, Hot Springs, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Horseback Riding, and many more...

      • The hostel provides easy access to sign up for all of these activities right in the main lobby. Each tour will include direct transportation from the hostel and back. 

    • Swing off the end of the world at La Casa Del Arbol, only a short taxi ride from the hostel. 

    • Grab your new friends and bike the Rio Verde waterfall route to Devils Cauldron, a 250-foot waterfall. You can even climb up behind the waterfall for an amazing view. 

    • For only $20, you can swing jump off a 300-foot bridge that stretches across the main river in Baños.


Baños is an amazing place to try new things and face your fears!

IMG_3077 (1).jpg

Bike along the waterfall route for stunning mountain, river, and waterfall views...

all leading to this 250-foot waterfall!



  • Highlights 

    • Transportation back to Quito in the afternoon is included. 

    • You have almost reached the end of your journey, but every day counts! Enjoy one last sunset and happy hour in Quito with the group. Take in all that you have experienced in beautiful Ecuador.


Standing in two hemispheres at once back in Quito! 



  • Highlights

    • Private transportation from the hostel to the airport included. 

    • Fly home with hundreds of unforgettable memories and so many new friends!


Ecuador is one of the most spectacular places on Earth with a rich history,

unique scenery, and unforgettable experiences. 

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For more details, questions, or booking options, click "Ask Questions Here" or email us at Find us on Instagram @travelworldculture and check out the hashtag #travelworldculture! 


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