The ultimate goal behind Travel World Culture is to create a community of knowledgeable travelers. Gavin and Jess, the founders of TWC, hope to base this community off of our core values: 


  • Community & Connections

  • Affordability & Accessibility

  • Supporting local & giving back 

  • Sustainability & respect to all people, plants, and animals 


TWC has made it a part of our mission to give back to the countries that have given us so much.  For every TWC trip, a portion the trip’s profits are donated to a charity within that country. 


We consult with our local partners to make sure that the charities we donate to are doint what is needed most. We cherish our local connections in each destination and believe that these relationships are part of what makes our trips the best they can be. 

Our story was featured in The Daily Texan! You can read the article here.

How are we able to make these close relationships and personally pick each element of our trip packages?


After extensive research, selling our cars and other valuables, and taking a leap of courage, we moved towards a life of travel. We stay for an extended period of time in each destination that we plan a trip. This allows us to find the coolest experiences, best deals, and awesome local partners to work with. 


As we have been nonstop traveling since we graduated from college, we also happily share updates on and advice regarding our "digital nomad" lifestyle. If you feel stuck because you want to change your life in a way that veers off of what is expected of you, know that it’s okay to live a lifestyle others may not understand.


Read more about us and stay up to date on our life on the road! 

Whether you're a new traveler or an experienced traveler, you have a place in this community.

This community welcomes both new and experienced travelers, all wanting to spread their knowledge while learning something new along the way. Gavin and Jess share all their travel tips and secrets with every TWC Traveler through customized videos and personal mentorship. We give every traveler the skills they need to start an adventurous life. This includes the comfort and structure of a planned trip but also the freedom to be immersed into the culture and to learn what it means to be a traveler.


TWC puts everyone in the perfect position to create lifelong friendships and bonds with people from around the world. We hope that this community will make the world a better place, and we can’t wait to see you as a part of it.

The following video is one example of the kind of information we provide for our travelers. We share our best tips and advice, explain our values, and encourage thoughtful and community-oriented travel. Other information that we share includes a detailed packing list, a destination-specific advice video, a private Facebook group for communication between the guides and travelers, and the option for 24/7 personal communication with a TWC Travel Expert to answer questions and address any concerns. 

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