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The ultimate vision behind Travel World Culture is an affordable travel community for anyone. We've built this community on our core values: 


  • Community & Connections

  • Affordability & Accessibility

  • Supporting local & sustainability

  • Respect to all people, plants, and animals 


We research each destination in-depth to make TWC travel experiences authentic, from the heart, and ethical.  Further, we educate our travelers on cultural awareness and leaving only a positive environmental impact before they take one of our trips.  


As it's our goal to be ethically conscious, we partner with local businesses, give back to every destination, and show respect to all people and animals. For every TWC trip, a portion of profits is donated to a charity within that country. We cherish our local partnerships and work with them to select the charities we donate to. We believe that all of these intentional actions work together to sustainably support and empower the communities that welcome us. 

Our story was featured in The Daily Texan! You can read the article here.

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After extensive research, selling their belongings, and taking a leap of courage, the TWC founders, Gavin and Jess, began a life of nonstop travel in 2018. They stay for an extended period of time in each destination that TWC offers. This allows them to find the coolest experiences, best deals, and awesome local partners to work with. 

Because of the unique and heartfelt nature of our group trips, traveling with TWC can be an inspiring personal experience. Along the way, our travelers expand their world view, create friendships and connections worldwide, and are encouraged to grow through new experiences. TWC is a welcoming community for those interested in travel and adventure.


As they have been nonstop traveling for several years, Gavin and Jess happily share updates on and advice regarding the "digital nomad" lifestyle. Read more about Gavin and Jess and stay up to date on their life on the road! 

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Whether you're a new traveler or an experienced traveler, you have a place in this community.

This community welcomes everyone. TWC works to review all of our trips and travel advice in general from a diverse perspective to guarantee that we are caring for all of our travelers from any marginalized groups. We are committed to identifying and correcting any aspects of the TWC experience that may make our trips less accessible or approachable to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and all marginalized groups.


We believe that being a traveler, not just a tourist, means aspiring to always be more compassionate people. That is why we see it as our responsibility to use our voice and this platform to speak out about things that we believe in at home and worldwide. We hope that this community will make the world a better place, and we can’t wait to see you as a part of it.

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Before each TWC trip, our travelers will receive preparation advice regarding their upcoming travel. We share our best tips and advice, explain our values, and encourage thoughtful and community-oriented travel. We also share a detailed packing list, destination-specific advice, a private Facebook group for communication between group leaders and travelers, and the option for individual communication with TWC to answer questions and address any concerns. 

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