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Why visit Jordan? For some, the rich history and 2,000-year-old archeological sites draw them in. For others, it's the dramatic landscapes from the lowest point on Earth at the Dead Sea to the untouched desert sands of Wadi Rum. For the Travel World Culture team, family ties in the region led us to first visit Jordan and temporarily call it home, but the delicious food and hospitality rooted in Jordanian tradition quickly became two more reasons that we fell deeply in love with the country. 

Jordan is both modern and ancient but always full of adventure from its busy cities to its quiet mountaintops. On this trip, we will fall asleep under the stars in the desert and then later make our way through Amman's bustling downtown market. We will try the world's best shawarma (literally!) in the capital city and then take tea in a traditional Bedouin tent as we drive through the desert in 4x4s. We will see the enormous caves of Petra lit up by thousands of candles and then relax on a sandy beach at a 5-star resort on the Dead Sea. 

Everyone's reasons for visiting may be different, but the soul of Jordan leaves an impact on all who visit.



The next departure will be September 22nd - 29th, 2024. Travelers coming from the Americas will likely need to depart on September 21st in order to arrive on the 22nd.

This trip will launch in spring 2024. Stay tuned to this page for updates.


  • 7 nights in accommodations

    • All rooms are private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. The hotels for this trip will be two 5-star hotels and one 4-star hotel with the exception of the Wadi Rum camp, which is approximately "1 million stars" but will still be private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. There will be 2 travelers from the TWC group per room. Please reach out to to get a quote for a single occupancy upgrade.

  • 20 meals

    • The meals on this trip are all-inclusive. 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches (lunch is not included on day 1), and 7 dinners are included. 

  • Transportation from Amman to Petra (Wadi Musa), Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, and back to Amman

    • We'll be on a private coach bus with A/C and Wifi.

  • Airport transfer service on arrival and departure in Amman

  • Several fun excursions

    • See the full itinerary below for specific details on included excursions. 
    • Most notably, a tour of Amman with our local guide through the downtown market and Citadel archeological site, entrance to Petra and a tour with our local guide, entrance to the special Petra By Night program, and a 4x4 jeep tour in the Wadi Rum desert are included.
  • A group leader for the duration of the trip

    • Peyton will be on this trip!

  • A local English-speaking Jordanian guide for the duration of the trip

  • Individual TWC Traveler Account and access to a private Facebook group for the trip

    • Each TWC Traveler will be given access to their own account where they will find a trip-specific packing list, options to contact their trip consultants with any questions, a link to a private Facebook group, and more information. 

  • TWC trip consultants leading up to and during the trip for travel advice and to answer any questions

1. Note that your international flights to and from Amman are not included. However, we have free information on how to find the best flights, and we work with travelers to help find available deals.


2. Additionally, all travelers will have to obtain a Visa on Arrival. Details and information on how the process works will be provided to all travelers on the trip.

3. There is a 3% fee for paying with credit card. There is no fee for paying by bank transfer.


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Day Zero

Flight to Amman

Relax on your overseas flight.

The flight will most likely be an overnight flight due to the time change from the Americas, so get some sleep and watch some movies.

Day One

Arrival in Amman

You'll be met and assisted at the Queen Alia International Airport (Amman Airport) by our local guide. Several airport transfers to the accommodation will be provided throughout the day. The TWC team will then greet you upon arrival at the hotel and introduce you to the group!

In the evening, the group will have an included welcome dinner at one of our favorite spots hand-chosen from our personal time spent in Amman. Our groups get close quickly, so say hi to your new travel buddies!


Meals included: dinner.​

Day Two

Amman: A Modern and Ancient City

After an included breakfast, join an included tour of Amman. This is a modern capital with a population of around 4 million people. It's been inhabited since the Neolithic period and was also known as Rabath Ammon in the Iron age and Philadelphia during the Greek & Roman times.


We'll visit the Citadel located on one of
Amman’s hills where we'll also see the Roman Hercules Temple and Islamic Ummayad Palace. The Citadel overlooks the Roman Amphitheater in downtown Amman, which is cut into the side of a hill and seats more than 6000 spectators.


Next, we'll walk through the downtown old city market and gold souk. Lunch at one of our favorite local falafel spots will be included, and we'll of course have to make a stop to try some famous Jordanian desserts. 

The day will end with another group dinner at a favorite spot picked by the TWC team!

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day Three

The Journey to the Dead Sea

After breakfast in the Amman hotel, the group will depart for the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth!

On the way, we will stop at Al-Maghtas, a unique Christian pilgrimage site associated with the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. A lunch stop will be made as well.


Finally, we will arrive at our 5-star resort on the Dead Sea. Here we'll enjoy the white sandy beach with access to float in the Dead Sea, a 5,500 square-meter pool fringed by tall palms, a pool bar, and an infinity pool overlooking the view. Those who want to can add on a trip to the spa. 

You can lay out by the sea and even try some of the Dead Sea mud on your skin. The minerals in the mud have known therapeutic, detoxifying, relieving, and healing properties. Don't miss taking a dip in the water! You can actually float in the Dead Sea as the water is 10 times saltier than the ocean making it denser as well as heavier. 

We'll enjoy another included group dinner together.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day Four

The Journey to Petra

After breakfast at the resort, we will head out for our next destination: Petra! Along the way, we'll be stopping at some of the most historically-significant sites in the world along the King's Highway. 

First, Madaba, a city known for its spectacular
collection of Byzantine Mosaics. The Greek Orthodox Church of St George in the center of the town houses the famous Byzantine-era mosaic map of the Holy Land depicting valleys, hills, and villages from Jerusalem to the Nile. 

Next, Mount Nebo, the place reputed to be the burial ground of Moses. From the Franciscan Church built on the
remains of the Byzantine Monastery, there is a commanding view of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the hills of the Holy Land. The interior of the church contains remnants of mosaic floors from different periods.

A stop for lunch will be made along the way. Our last stop along the way will be Umm Rassas, the UNESCO World Heritage site home to 16 churches built between the 3rd and 9th centuries AD. 

We'll arrive in Petra and check into our hotel!


In the evening, the group will atend Petra by Night. This is a stunning light show that takes place after the sun has set. The most famous view is lit up by thousands of candles, and a short show of music and stories takes place. The day will end with an included dinner.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day Five

Petra Exploring

After breakfast at the hotel, it's time for one of the trip highlights, Petra! The capital city of the Nabatean Arabs is one of the most famous archeological sites in the world and Jordan’s national treasure. Petra, which means Rose Red city, gets its name from the color of the rocky mountains the city is carved into. The city prospered in the 1st century AD through the trade of frankincense, myrrh, and spices. The Romans annexed the thriving city but abandoned it in the mid-4th century after a strong earthquake hit the city. The city was rediscovered by a Swiss explorer Johannes Burckhardt in 1812. Today Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is visited by thousands of people every day.

The tour of Petra with a local guide will include these highlights:
• The Siq
• Al Khazneh (The Treasury) a temple with an ornate 45m-high Greek-style façade
• Royal tombs
• Amphitheatre
• Colonnaded street
• Qasr Al Bint
• Extra free time to explore and visit the “Dier” or monastery

A group dinner is included.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day Six

Wadi Rum 4x4 and Camp

In the morning, breakfast at the hotel is included. The group will then head to Al Beidha, known as Little Petra, an ancient archaeological site located a few kilometers north of the World UNESCO site of Petra. 

Next, we'll arrive at Wadi Rum, a colorful desert with sandstone mountains and sheer cliffs that resemble a landscape from Mars. It’s a unique landscape that has been the backdrop of several Hollywood films over the years.


In the afternoon, we'll tour the desert in 4x4 trucks to see natural rockscapes, sand dunes that you can sandboard down, the Khazali canyon with its prehistoric carvings, and a natural watering hole that stands out in the desert. We'll also take tea with Bedouins, the native group that has called Wadi Rum home for the last 5 thousand years. 

In the evening, we'll return to our luxury desert camp for dinner and star gazing. Each room of 2 travelers has its own bathroom, so this is really a glamping experience! The camp is surrounded by a garden and mountain views. At night, there is an amazing opportunity to watch the stars as well as the sunset and sunrise. 

The included dinner is quite an event! Fresh soup, salads, rice, pasta, vegetables, meats, fish, Arabic desserts, and traditional Bedouin dishes are served.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day Seven

Kerak and Back to Amman

Breakfast will be served at our luxury camp. After taking in some final views, posing for photos, going for a walk or a hike, and enjoying the morning, we will depart Wadi Rum and begin driving back to Amman in our private bus.

Along the way, we will stop by the Crusader Castle of Kerak. Due to its location east of the Dead Sea, Crac des Moabites (Kerak of Moab) as the Crusaders called it controlled the trade route between Damascus, Egypt, and Mecca. The castle and the city were later taken over by the armies of Saladin. Today Kerak is a thriving city with a population of around 170,000 inhabitants. 

We'll then arrive back in Amman. The afternoon will be yours to add on an optional activity, go shopping, or try new foods. Of course, TWC will include all of our personal recommendations from many months in Amman. 

In the evening, we'll have one last included group dinner together (and knowing TWC, we'll head out for desserts and more adventures afterward). There's nothing that bonds you together quite like travel does in just a week! 

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day Eight

Flight Home

Grab one last Jordanian breakfast at the hotel.

Transportation to the airport is included. The only question now is what trip is next?!

Meals included: breakfast.

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