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Image by Rodrigo Escalante

Welcome to the most underrated country in the world! Guatemala is home to volcanoes that erupt every 15 minutes, massive lakes with stunning coastlines, colorful towns that will fill your photo album, and some of the best-tasting coffee in the world. On this trip, you will stay in luxury in Antigua, camp one night on a volcano (!!), take a boat ride to explore the different towns surrounding Lake Atitlan, learn how traditional Mayan textiles are made, enjoy food and drinks at a stunning oasis only accessible by boat, and look for volcanic eruptions at every turn! 

The trip itinerary begins with an airport pickup in Guatemala City. Following a private transfer to Lake Atitlan, the group will spend 3 nights in a hotel, take a private tour around the lake to explore the different pueblos, and have another day to swim at a nature preserve near the town of San Marcos La Laguna. The group will then take a private transfer to Antigua, a city as historic as it is beautiful and full of amazing nightlife and restaurants, and spend 1 night in a hotel. The group will then head out to the world-famous Acatenango trek, during which they will camp for one night (in small cabins, not tents, with full meals served in the common room.) Some may call this glamping! After waking up to stunning volcano views, the group will head back to Antigua for two more amazing nights. If you want, you can spend the rest of your trip exploring by ATV, tasting fresh coffee, hiking another volcano, or even roasting marshmallows over lava. 




January 11th-18th, 2025. 

The cost of this trip package is $2,749, but the first 8 spots will get a $150 early-bird discount, making their package cost $2,599. Only 16 spots total will be available. 


6 of 16 total spots are now available.


  • 7 nights in accommodations

6 Nights of accommodations for this trip will be 2 people per room in 3 & 4-star hotels

1 night will be in cabin-style camping on the side of a volcano!

  • 11 meals 

7 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners are included!

  • Private transportation to many included activities and destinations

  • Airport transfer service

You'll have arranged transfers when you arrive and depart at La Aurora (Guatemala City) International Airport (GUA) if your flight is within the arrival/departure period stipulated by TWC.

  • Several fun excursions

Most notably, the Acatenango Trek to see the Fuego Volcano erupting (weather-dependent), a customized boat tour around Atitlan with local stops, another day with a private boat and stops at two villages on Atitlan, and happy hour drinks/desserts at a luxury location only accessible by boat.

  • A group leader for the duration of the trip 

Marie will be on this fantastic trip!

  • Travel account and access to a private Facebook group for the trip

Each TWC Traveler will be given access to their own account where they will find a trip-specific packing list, options to contact their trip consultants with any questions, a link to a private Facebook group for just the TWC travelers and trip consultants, and more information. 

  • TWC trip consultants leading up to and during the trip for travel advice and to answer any questions 



1. Your international flights to and from Guatemala City are not included. We do, however, happily make suggestions, help group travelers together on flights, and notify them when great flight deals are available. Travelers must arrive between 8AM-4:30 PM on arrival day in order to receive an airport transfer and depart after 10 AM on departure day in order to receive an airport transfer. 


2. Each traveler will also have to purchase travel insurance of their choosing that fits specific requirements, as required by TWC. Policies that fit TWC standards begin at approximately $10 for the duration of the trip. 


3. Note that there is a 3% processing fee on payments made by credit card. Payments made by bank transfer have no fee. 

4. Hiking Disclaimer: Acatenango Volcano’s peak is at 13,045 feet. This trip’s itinerary involves hiking 4 steep and challenging miles up on an established trail for 4-6 hours to about 11,800 feet. Those who do not have experience hiking at high altitudes should prepare accordingly and discuss preparation with their physician. The group will have local professional guides with them, along with the TWC group leader. The group will take many breaks, and the guide assess for anyone feeling unwell. Anyone who anticipates that they will be unable or unwilling to hike 4 steep miles up Acatenango and then back down the next day should contact before booking this trip. It is possible to pre-arrange a car 80% of the way up for an additional cost, but this must be discussed with TWC before reserving a spot on the trip. 

At the end of the hike, the group will camp near the top of Acatenango’s summit in a glamping (camping with a mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, and blanket per person in cabins) setup and have all meals prepared for them. The group will have the option to continue hiking up the following morning to the very top of Acatenango to get the best view of the nearby active volcano, Fuego. Fuego typically erupts several times per hour, and the views can be amazing in good weather. However, please note that the eruptions and weather are unpredictable parts of nature, and nothing can be guaranteed.

All meals and gear necessary for camping will be provided. However, travelers should have comfortable clothes, hiking shoes (necessary due to the loose gravel on the trail), and a day backpack (around 30-40L). Alternatively, a backpack can be rented for the volcano hike, but shoes cannot. Travelers' bags (containing their clothes for one night, water for both days, and toiletries) will be driven 80% of the way up, and travelers can pay an additional $12 to have their bag carried for the last 20% of the hike. This means travelers on this trip will only have to hike with a (provided) small backpack just meant for the water they need during the hike and their lunch. The other gear and the rest of their food will be waiting at the campsite. A detailed packing list is provided to those signed up for the trip.

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Day 1

Arrival at GUA (Guatemala City) & Transfer to Atitlan

Arrive in Guatemala, the land of the Mayans. Join a private airport transfer to the accommodation on Lake Atitlan, a stunning late surrounded by volcanoes. 

Join the group for an optional dinner in Panajachel, a bustling town on the north shore of the lake, and get to know your adventure crew for the week!

Day 2

Boat Tour around Lake Atitlan

Set out on an included boat tour of Lake Atitlan. The group will visit different towns around the lake to learn about Mayan culture and handicrafts, see how each village is known to be unique, and take in amazing scenery all day long. 

The group will take an included lunch with volcano views at an education center that provides opportunities for local youth to learn new skills, including culinary classes, to provide opportunities for many generations.

Next up, the group will enjoy an included happy hour with desserts at one of the most unique restaurants in the world that can only be accessed by boat. 

Breakfast and lunch are included.

Day 3

Boat Tour around Lake Atitlan

Another day spent on the lake! The group will have another private and included boat ride to two more towns on the lake. At the first town, San Antonio Palopo, the group will have the option to join a ceramics-making class and social project. In the highlands of Guatemala, years of volcanic eruptions and geology created exposed channels of clay in the rivers. The ancient Mayans made use of this clay to produce high-quality ceramics. Today many local families continue to produce beautiful ceramics, and that income in part supports the village. Each traveler who elects to create their own piece will pay directly to the workshop and their creation will be fired and delivered to the hotel to take home in exchange for a donation.


Next the group will visit San Marcos, a town with a nature preserve on the lake for swimming, restaurants, shopping, etc. If you're interested in a spa visit or yoga experience, the town is famous for these things, so they are great optional activities to ask about. 

Breakfast is included.

Day 4

Transfer to Antigua

The group will head out on a private transfer to Antigua, a colorful colonial town that used to be the center of the Mayans.

Breakfast is included. 

Day 5

Begin Hike and Sleep in Cabins on Acatenango Volcano

Today the group will head out on a transfer to the start of the Acatenango Volcano hike. A local hiking guide will accompany the group as well. 

The day will involve lunch on the trail and a difficult hike up to "base camp," where the group will be sleeping in glamping cabins with views of Fuego Volcano, which typically erupts several times an hour. All camping gear is provided. 

Dinner will be served in the common area, and eruptions should be seen and heard all night! 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 6

Hike Down from Acatenango and Transfer to Antigua

In the early morning, the travelers can choose to join the hike the rest of the way up to the very top of Acatenango Volcano, where we have seen the best views of Fuego Volcano erupting. 

The entire group will then descend the rest of the way down Acatenango Volcano after a group breakfast in the common area. The group will then be transferred back to Antigua.

After hotel check-in, the rest of the afternoon and evening is yours to check out the nightlife and amazing food scene in Antigua. Time to celebrate the amazing nature seen up on the volcano!

Breakfast is included.

Day 7

Free Day to Explore Antigua & Beyond

Today is your day! Explore Antigua and the surrounding lush mountains how you want to. We'll help you set up an optional activity if you please, or you can wander around the many shops and cafes in town. You can ATV through the mountains, bike to a coffee farm for an up-close tour and tasting, visit one of the many stunning restaurants with views in the mountains above town (we'll share our recommendations, of course!), or even hike yet another volcano where you can roast marshmallows over lava.


Breakfast is included.

Day 8

Transfer to Airport & Departure from GUA 

It's not a goodbye, it's a see you later! Grab one more cup of coffee, snap a photo with your new travel buddies, and join a transfer back to the Guatemala City airport. 


Breakfast is included.

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