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These FAQ answers are regarding our TWC Group Trips. If you have questions about TWC Remote Work Experiences, please head over to the Remote Work page and scroll down to see a detailed FAQ. If you have questions about TWC Custom Trips, please head over to the Custom Trip page and scroll down to see a detailed FAQ.


Yes! During the sign-up process, you can select to opt into a monthly payment plan interest-free. All you need to guarantee your spot on a trip is a deposit that goes towards the overall cost of the trip, so only a deposit of $299 is due on the day of booking. The remaining balance can be paid in monthly installments until 3 months before the trip dates. Each traveler will also have access to an account where you can log in anytime, see your payment plan details, make a partial or full payment anytime you want, and more. 

We want travel to be attainable, so we stay as flexible as possible. Please let us know what we can do to help you get started with your adventure.


ABSOLUTELY! One of the best things about TWC is that we prioritize community, and our groups get close quickly. There's always someone down to go on an adventure with you.

how to

sign up

Each TWC group trip has its own special page on our website where you can read through each trip's day-by-day itinerary, read reviews and watch videos from past travelers who have experienced that destination with TWC, and see tons of photos. On each trip's page, you can also find the links to ask questions or get started booking your trip! Just click "Book Now" to get started, and we will help you handle the rest. If no "Book Now" button is available, then that trip has no open spots. 

If you're looking for a trip price, it will always be listed on the trip page under the DATES/PRICING AND DATES section. If there is no price, then that means that the trip does not have any upcoming departures. Not all of our itineraries have departures each year. 

Head to Trips to browse our currently available trips.

what's included

in twc




  • Accommodations for the duration of the trip

  • Transportation between destinations for the duration of the trip. 

  • Specified excursions 

  • Specified meals and drinks 

  • A detailed list of hand-picked recommendations for excursions, activities, food and more 

  • Airport transfers

  • A group leader from TWC

  • Advice and trip consultation before and during the trip

  • A private Facebook group to get to know fellow travelers on each trip

Not Included: 

  • Flights to and from the starting destination of the trip

  • Tips to the group leader 

  • Travel insurance 







Travel World Culture group trips were created to bring affordable travel to everyone 18-45.


Exactly what is included in TWC group trip packages is listed above. TWC group trips also provide you a hand-picked experience abroad, a fun group of fellow travelers to explore with, endless helpful info for first-time and experienced travelers alike, a Facebook group to meet the group, and a TWC Account to manage your travel information easily. 


All accommodations and excursions included in a TWC trip have been chosen personally by the TWC team. They stay in all of the countries in which TWC offers itineraries to research the best deals and most authentic adventures and experiences. 



TWC allows you to pick your roommates. If you are traveling with someone or multiple people, make sure to write their name when asked who you are traveling with while signing up, as this is how TWC will know who to make sure you are rooming with. Please note that if a trip includes double occupancy in hotels, but you are traveling with 3 people total, we can't accommodate 3 people in a room designated for 2. In that case, 2 of you will be assigned together, and the 3rd person will be assigned a roommate. 

Most people on our trips join solo! In that case, we assign roommates. For assigning roommates, we only assign people a roommate who identifies as the same gender as them. We assign the roommates personally, so we do a bit of friendship match-making and put a lot of thought into it. We also try to match people with others as close in age and interests to them as we can, and we often end up matching people together who become friends! Ultimately, everyone signing up is interested in travel and adventure, so our groups tend to get quite close and connect over these shared experiences and interests. We can introduce you to your roommate in advance of the trip if requested, and we are also able to make changes during the trip if a pair of roommates aren't compatible for any reason (for example if one is a night owl and one isn't).


If you would prefer to be assigned a roommate not based on gender idenfification or have other concerns about your rooming placement, please contact TWC anytime. We are more than happy to accommodate you as best as possible, and we always want our travelers to be comfortable.








TWC accommodations are shared rooms in highly-rated and hand-picked accommodations. The accommodations may be hotels, resorts, top-tier hostels with private rooms for the group, cabins, villas, and more per each trip's specific itinerary. Fully private rooms for one person or a couple can usually be available upon request at an additional cost. 

For some trips, such as Peru or Guatemala, one night of the trip involves a level of camping or "glamping." In this case, bathrooms are not private, and sleeping accommodations will vary. Read the trip itinerary in depth to get a description of the amenities offered. 

how to

pack and


The packing list and personal spending budget vary greatly for each trip.


Each traveler will be sent a packing list and detailed notes on preparing for their specific trip. This information may include but is not limited to: what items to pack, how much spending money is recommended, the best ways to convert dollars into different currencies needed for the trip, weather and altitude advice, guidance what may not be culturally appropriate to wear in each destination, and tons more helpful information


 Each traveler can also contact TWC with any additional questions before and during the trip. In addition, the private Facebook groups for each trip are meant to be used to discuss packing and spending in addition to a wide range of other topics. 




We've linked all of our travel and hiking gear here plus an example packing list for a trip abroad. 



TWC plans trips to be fun experiences and much-needed breaks from work and school. The trips are not designed to put travelers in danger. 


However, travelers can read about the recommended safety information in the travel agreement before paying their deposit. Additionally, TWC recommends that travelers use the Department of State's recommendations for each destination to determine the safety risks: click here



For our TWC travelers, we go the extra mile to help suggest flight deals that fit their specific trip. We typically monitor flights and send out links to deals when we see them, either in the trip Facebook group or via email, and are happy to help our travelers one-on-one.

DO Twc





The age range for our group trips is 18-45. However, there are a few designated group trips that we plan for all ages over 18. If the trip is not marked as a trip for all ages over 18, then the age range is 18-45. 

The age range has never been about wanting to exclude people or thinking people outside that range are not fun or fit enough. (In fact, we believe the opposite!) The reasoning is about everyone in the group coming together and forming friendships. We have seen some trips with really wide age ranges not mesh together as well as other trips, often just because the 20-somethings have less in common with the travelers in their 40s and 50s and can be louder and want to explore nightlife more. 

Everyone on our group trips must be 18 at the time they sign up. However, our custom trips are open to all ages, including families and kids. 




Payment can be made by Credit Card (+ 3% processing fee) or bank transfer (no processing fee).

Monthly payment plans ARE available. (See more above.)


Each trip has one per-person package cost. The prices are all in USD. We never quote trips in pricing for 2 people signing up together. If a trip has one package cost and includes double-occupancy rooming in hotels, then that means that each person will be assigned a roommate or roomed with someone they signed up with. 

There is a per-person package cost for each trip. That price is listed under the DATES/PRICING AND DATES section. If no price is listed, then that trip does not have an upcoming departure available. 

Regarding discounts, we do typically offer an "early-bird" discount on the first few spots of each trip, ranging from $100 off to $300 off, depending on the trip. Any early-bid discounts will be specified on the trip page. 

Additionally, our repeat travelers get $150 off their next trip for the first 3 months after joining a TWC trip or $100 off trips indefinitely. 


Each TWC trip is different! 


Some of our trips, such as Iceland, Jordan, or Portugal, involve little hiking or physical activities. However, every trip will involve walking daily. Iceland, for example, includes a glacier walk, which is not intended to be strenuous but requires participants to be able to walk slowly, sometimes on an incline, for over an hour. 

Some of our trips, such as Peru, Guatemala, Nepal, and Patagonia, involve hiking of various intensities. Some of the hikes are difficult. Travelers should read each trip page in-depth to be aware of what altitudes they'll be hiking at, how long the hikes are, what the elevation gain of each hike is, and more about the hikes. Information on how to best prepare to make the hikes as comfortable as possible will also be given to everyone signed up. Those with little hiking experience are welcome to sign up if they are committed to preparing leading up to the trip and having a positive attitude! Prepared hikers are the happiest hikers. Hiking preparation can include: talking to your primary care doctor about what they can offer you to help acclimate for trips at higher altitudes, doing physical activities that prepare the muscles for hiking (walks, runs, hikes, Stairmaster/treadmill on incline in a gym; not necessarily strength training or other workouts), and setting accurate expectations. 

Do you offer custom trips?

Looking to take a trip we aren't currently offering or a trip just for your family, you and your partner, etc.? Our custom packages allow you to choose your destination, activity-level, adventure-level, and price range.

Fill out a Custom Trip Inquiry. A TWC representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

are these trips only for americans?

Our trips are open to everyone, regardless of nationality. We've had travelers from dozens of countries and counting join us, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

If you have any questions about whether or not you'll need a visa to visit a specific country, please contact TWC ( while signing up. 

can a specific diet be accommodated for?

TWC is always happy to accommodate any dietary requests. It's essential to us that everyone is comfortable! A specific question during the signup process for each trip asks the traveler to note any dietary requests, allergies, etc. Please reach out to discuss your specific dietary restrictions, as the alternatives offered depend on the exact trip. We can accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets on every trip. 


There is a question when signing up for each trip that asks if the traveler will need any accommodations during the trip. If it is within our ability to make the accommodations, then we absolutely will. Some things are outside of our control, such as if a historic site in another country has not been made accessible by that country, such as some parts of Machu Picchu in Peru as an example. However, some things within TWC's control, like a traveler needing fridge access to store medication, are doable in every case except the extremes, such as the glamping on Volcano Acatenango where there is no electricity.


If you have more questions or want to discuss options, please email, and we would be happy to talk it through. We want to do as much as we possibly can to help each traveler be comfortable. 


Our group trips have a maximum of 16 people, and the minimum is typically 8-10 people. We have found that this group size is the sweet spot to keep the group close enough that everyone can get to know each other but big enough that there's always someone down to adventure with you!  

For our Remote Work months, the group size is more often 10-14 travelers. 

For custom trips, you determine the size of your group! We have planned custom trips for 22 people and also solo custom trips, couple custom trips, etc.


All travelers should be aware that sightings of natural phenomenons, such as the Northern Lights and volcanic eruptions in Guatemala, cannot be guaranteed. We do our best to make predictions, and the trips are still busy with other exciting activities. 

Further, good weather cannot be guaranteed on all trips. Especially in destinations such as Patagonia and Iceland, where the weather is famously unpredictable, inadequate weather should be prepared for when packing. 

In the case that a specific guided activity, such as glacier hiking in Iceland, is not able to go on due to weather, TWC will make attempts to reschedule the activity or replace it with another activity. 


There are cancellation conditions for each trip package. The cancellation conditions are as follows:


The initial deposit is always non-refundable. If the cancellation is 180 days or more prior to the trip departure date, the initial deposit is still owed. If the cancellation is between 180 and 90 days prior to the trip departure date, 50% of the total trip cost is still owed. If the cancellation is 90 days or less prior to the trip departure date, 100% of the total cost of the trip is still owed.

We have a cancellation policy in place because TWC has to reserve accommodations, activities, transfers, transportation, etc very far in advance, and our vendors have strict policies with TWC, as we work with top-rated accommodations, local guides, etc. This means that TWC starts to pay for each traveler's spot in advance. These policies are commonplace in the travel industry. 

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