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If you're looking to explore the most iconic parts of Europe - this is it. 

From watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night to cruising around the canals of Amsterdam... this is the European adventure you've been waiting for. Grab a macaron or croissant while walking down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe, explore the Market Square of Bruges, Belgium lined with fairytale buildings (picture real-life gingerbread houses), and finally see why Amsterdam is famous for having more bikes than people, floating houses, and waffles served 24/7. The architecture is out of a storybook, the food is out of this world, the history is fascinating, and the possible adventures are endless.






Booking for December 16-24, 2021 is now closed. 

  • Seven nights, nine days, stay in accommodations

    • ​Travelers will be roomed with only other TWC travelers with 4 people per room and ensuite bathrooms. Roommates can be assigned by preference. 

  • Ten delicious meals

  • Transportation from Paris to Bruges and Bruges to Amsterdam

    • Enjoy comfy seats on high-speed trains

  • Several fun activities

    • See the full itinerary below for specific details on included excursions. 

  • A group leader for the duration of the trip

  • Individual TWC Traveler Account and access to a private group Facebook for the trip

    • Each TWC Traveler will be given access to their own account where they will find a trip-specific packing list, options to contact their trip consultants with any questions, a link to a private Facebook group for just the TWC travelers and trip consultants, and more information. 

  • TWC trip consultants leading up to and during the trip for travel advice and to answer any questions             



1. Your international flights to Paris and from Amsterdam are not included. We do, however, happily make suggestions, help group travelers together on flights, and notify when great flight deals are available. 


2. Each traveler will also have to purchase travel insurance of their choosing that fits specific requirements, as required by TWC. Policies that fit TWC standards begin at approximately $10 for the duration of the trip. 


3. Lastly, note that proof of a COVID-19 vaccination card showing the traveler received a complete series of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to entering Europe will be required to join this specific trip due to the regulations in place by each destination. TWC may additionally request proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken within 3 days of your departure from the USA.

4. There is a 3% processing fee on transactions made by credit card.

Check out @travelworldculture and #travelworldculture on Instagram for more photos of the trip.

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  • Highlights 

    • Relax on the plane and mentally prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

    • The flight will most likely be an overnight flight due to the time change, so get some sleep and watch some movies!




  • Highlights 

    • Check into the accommodation, where Gavin and Jess will greet you, and get ready to meet the awesome group as everyone arrives throughout the day!

    • Explore the sparkling Eiffel Tower at night. Don't forget to grab a baguette or croissant on the way! (See the full list of Paris recommended activities below.)




  • Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy your included breakfast with the group!

    • Group Exploration Day! After this, you'll learn that an easier question to ask is what doesn't Paris offer!

      • Take an included walking tour in the morning to get your bearings before exploring the rest of the day! See some of Paris's most iconic sights from the Notre Dame and ending at the Louvre.

      • Head with the group into the Louvre (admission included) to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa and explore the most famous museum in the world. 





  • Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy your included breakfast with the group!

    • Free Day! The City of Lights is yours to explore. Gavin and Jess will be around to make recommendations and show the group some of their favorite spots and cafes.

  • Recommended Optional Excursions

    • From underground Catacombs to world famous museums like The Louvre, you'll never get bored.

    • Don't forget to check out the unreal views from the top of the Eiffel Tower!

    • If you're wanting to relax a little, then grab some wine and cheese and have a picnic at my favorite riverside park!

    • Take a day trip to the magnificent Palace of Versailles

    • Shop and explore the neighborhood around the Sacré-Cœur, Montmarte! You won't regret seeing it's beauty and the views over the rest of Paris!

    • Use your creativity taking photos at the Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, and Luxembourg Gardens.

    • Grab some wine and enjoy the beautiful French Sunsets along the river or at any of the many beautiful parks or gardens!

    • Watch the Eiffle Tower sparkle at night.

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  • Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy your included breakfast with the group!

      • Discuss your favorite parts of Paris with your new best friends over some coffee.

    • Say goodbye to your favorite French city and hop on a luxurious high-speed train to Belgium!

    • Arrive in Bruges, Belgium's capital of chocolate and canals.

    • Walk to your centrally located accommodation and get checked in.

    • After check-in, head out with the group to an included cruise on the canals and tour the city by boat. 

    • After the boat tour, the night is yours to experience all of the delicious food and drinks Belgium has to offer!


  • Recommended optional excursions in Bruges:

    • Walk around the enchanting Market Square, Burg Square, and the belfry, a 13th-century bell tower and the town's most famous landmark. Report back to us if it's actually leaning or not...

    • Take in the scenic views at the romantic Minnewater, the “Lake of Love,” a peaceful area at the edge of town. 

    • Pop into some of the many chocolate shops for tastings. 

    • Try all of the food and drinks you can! At the top of the list are Belgium waffles with all the toppings and fries with the famous mayo sauce. Belgium beer is famous for a reason, so be sure to check out a brewery as well.

    • View Skyscraper, The Bruges Whale, a 38-foot whale statue placed in the canals made of 5 tons of plastic taken from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. 

    • If you love fun museums, then you’ll want to visit Frietmuseum, the first and only museum dedicated to French fries.

    • Go find the windmills. You might know that the Netherlands has windmills, but the Belgians have them too. 

Image by Nicole Baster



  • Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy your included breakfast with the group!

    • The morning and afternoon are free for exploration around Bruges! (Check out optional excursions listed above for Bruges). 

    • Say goodbye to Belgium and hop on another train to Amsterdam!

    • Arrive in Amsterdam and instantly see the beauty of the Central Station!

    • Walk to your centrally located accommodation and get checked in!

    • From there, the night is yours. Grab some Heineken (made in the Netherlands) and have a night in at the super fun accommodation or walk around the city, your choice!

Image by Libby Penner


  • Highlights 

    • Wake up in the clean Holland air and grab a delicious included breakfast with the group!

    • Take an included walking tour of the city center to truly feel the beauty of the Dutch culture! 

      • There is truly nothing ​like it anywhere else in the world!

    • After the walking tour, head to the Anne Frank House (entry included) with the group to get an in-depth lesson on an important part of history. This is an eye-opening experience that we highly recommend.

    • The rest of the day is yours to wander around this city of canals or to do an optional excursion (see below).



Day 8: Flight home


  • Highlights 

    • Grab some coffee and one last included breakfast!

    • Transportation to the airport is included. 

    • Enjoy some more free drinks and meals on the flight back home.

    • Think back on all of your adventures from this trip, say bye to all of your new friends, and enjoy your last day!




this will be one adventure you'll never forget!


  • Highlights 

    • Enjoy an included breakfast in the morning!

    • The day is yours! Check out any of the optional excursions below! 

      • There is an endless amount of stuff to do in this lively city!​


  • Recommended optional excursions include: 

    • Go get the real Heineken Experience at the Heineken Brewery!  ​

    • Explore the famous Red Light District and learn about the history that comes with this unique culture

    • Jess's recommendation: Take a bike ride! Biking through the Dutch countryside is one of the most amazing experiences. You'll see traditional windmills, parks, markets, and even restaurants you can stop at for a traditional pancake!

    • The Netherlands are known for their tulips, you'll see flower shops and markets all over the city!

    • Stroll through the world-famous Van Gogh Museum and see the world's biggest Van Gogh collection.

    • Tired of walking? Take a water taxi through the canals to get around the city! Better yet, take a boat ride through the canals at night to see the city under sparkling lights. 

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  • Highlights 

    • Enjoy your last morning in the fresh European air with an included breakfast!

    • Explore the last items on your adventure bucket list!

    • Head to the airport and fly home with a bunch of new friends and hundreds of incredible memories!


Find TWC on Instagram @travelworldculture, and check out the hashtag #travelworldculture ! 


Find the TWC founders, Gavin and Jess, on Instagram @travelwithgavin and @jesspinktravels


Check our FAQ section for answers to your questions or submit a question above!

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