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Welcome to the "Land of Fire and Ice," with neverending views, rainbow-covered waterfalls, colorful towns straight out of a fairytale, active volcanoes, and glacier lagoons. In Iceland, you can try traditional food that the Vikings ate, take a dip in hot springs, make friends with mini horses, and dig your feet into black sand beaches. 

On this trip, you'll walk on a giant glacier (and even try some glacier water straight from the source), look for puffins perched on the giant basalt columns at Reynisfjara beach, stand beneath the striking Seljalandsfoss waterfall, and chase the Northern Lights. Of course, you'll also get to soak in a spa hot springs and check out the art scene around the capital city of Reykjavik. 

You may not be able to pronounce every place we go in Iceland,

but they'll all be sure to take your breath away. 

What's the difference between TWC's Iceland: Northern Lights trip and Iceland: Midnight Sun trip? Our Northern Lights trips only take place in spring or fall, as these are unique times of year in Iceland where there is enough daylight to still explore all of the amazing things on TWC's itinerary but also the opportunity to spot the magnificent aurora borealis. Our Midnight Sun trips only take place in the summer months. During the summer, Iceland has nearly 24/7 sunlight, making it impossible to see any lights at night. However, the summer months are the warmest time of the year in Iceland (although still expect some of Iceland's unpredictable temperatures). We love both times of year.



There are four Iceland trips planned for fall 2024:

  • September 22nd - 27th, 2024: SOLD OUT (While our other group trips are planned for people 18-45, the September 22nd-27th trip is being planned with all ages 18+ in mind.)

  • September 29th - October 4th, 2024: SOLD OUT

  • October 1st - 6th, 2024: SOLD OUT

  • October 5th-10th, 2024: SOLD OUT

(Departure day notes: Travelers coming from the Americas will likely need to depart on September 21st to arrive on the 22nd for the first trip, depart on September 28th to arrive on the 29th, depart on September 30th to arrive on October 1st, or depart on October 4th to arrive on October 5th for the final trip.)

The price for the 2024 trips per person is $3199, but the first 8 spots ("Early-Bird Spots") of each trip will be $300 off at $2899.

If you haven't yet, add your name to the email list here to get email updates on the next Iceland (Spring 2025) launch.

There is one Iceland Northern Lights trip and one Iceland Midnight Sun trip planned for 2025.


  • 5 nights in accommodations

    • Accommodations for this trip will be 2 people per room in hotels

  • 9 meals 

    • 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 2 dinners 

  • Private transportation to many included activities and destinations

    • A luxurious minibus will drive the group through the beautiful Icelandic terrain.

  • Airport transfer service

    • You'll have arranged transfers when you arrive and depart.

  • Several fun excursions

    • Most notable, entrance to the Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon (weather-dependent), glacier hiking, and Northern Lights exploring in addition to sightseeing on several days 

  • A TWC group leader for the duration of the trip 

  • Individual TWC Traveler Account and access to a private Facebook group for the trip

    • Each TWC Traveler will be given access to their own account where they will find a trip-specific packing list, options to contact their trip consultants with any questions, a link to a private Facebook group for just the Iceland TWC travelers and trip consultants, and more information. 

  • TWC trip consultants leading up to and during the trip for travel advice and to answer any questions 



1. Your international flights to and from Reykjavik are not included. We do, however, happily make suggestions, help group travelers together on flights, and notify them when great flight deals are available. 


2. Each traveler will also have to purchase travel insurance of their choosing that fits specific requirements, as required by TWC. Policies that fit TWC standards begin at approximately $10 for the duration of the trip. 


3. Note that there is a 3% processing fee on payments made by credit card. There is no fee for payments made by bank transfer.

4. The Northern Lights are an unpredictable natural phenomenon, and a sighting cannot be guaranteed.

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Photo 2 by @sidd_z_chauhan and @manushi.shahhh

Day 0

Flight to Iceland

Many travelers will have a "Day 0," as flights from the Americas to Iceland are overnight. Enjoy your flights by sleeping, watching movies, and by taking in all the free refreshments​.

Look out your window! Some people can see the Northern Lights from their flight!

Day 1

Arrive in Reykjavik

Arrive in Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. You've just landed in a country so beautiful that looks like another planet! Enjoy a set airport transfer to the hotel. Your TWC group leader will greet you upon arrival and introduce you to your new friends!

You'll have the rest of the day to settle in and explore the recommendations given to you by Travel World Culture​! Check out the Hallgrímskirkja church observation tower for an incredible view over the city and mountains or indulge in delicious Icelandic ​​food. Try a famous hot dog with all of the toppings: fried onions, ketchup, sweet mustard, and mayo. ​​

Day 2

South Island & Glacier Hike

Enjoy private transportation through the jaw-dropping Icelandic mountainside as we make our way through the lowland region to the small town of Vik with breathtaking stops along the way.

First stop: the majestic Skógafoss waterfall, often accompanied by a beautiful rainbow. You'll have your chance to take pictures and hang out at this towering waterfall.

Up next: glacier hiking on the ​Solheimajokull glacier! You’ll learn about these massive natural phenomena from your guide and be provided with all the necessary equipment to see the glacial ice up close. 

Next, the group will check into our suites with ocean and black sand beach views. The last stop will be a wonderful group dinner at an amazing local brewery Vik. 

At night, it's time for Northern Lights spotting, weather-dependent, from around the property, surrounded by Icelandic nature.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 3

Glacier Lagoon & Diamond Beach

Today we will head out for a day of group exploration to some of Jess and Gavin's favorite places in Iceland taking our private bus.

This day's adventure will involve going to see some of the following, based off of the weather:

the Ice Age Canyon, with its steep walls and a waterfall flowing through it, 

the glacier lagoon, to see the giant floating icebergs and hopefully some sea lions

Diamond Beach, another black sand beach where pieces of icebergs wash up

and more!

Afterwards, enjoy dinner back in Vik and hopefully more Northern Lights spotting, weather-dependent, from the accommodation. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.​​

Day 4

Black Sand Beach & Blue Lagoon

Enjoy private transportation as we make our way back to Reykjavik with several exciting stops.​

First, we will stop at the best black sand beach on the whole island. Next, walk or hike around the extremely picturesque Seljalandsfoss waterfall! It cascades over steep cliffs, which makes it possible for you to walk behind the waterfall, depending on the weather. We will also take you to the secret waterfall in a cave nearby!

The last stop of the day is the Blue Lagoon! (If necessary due to weather, entrance will be included to the Sky Lagoon with their classic Pure spa package instead of the Blue Lagoon). The comfort spa package is included, so you will get a towel, one drink, and one face mask. Who wants to float, put on a mud mask, hit the sauna, relax and rejuvenate while enjoying this unbelievably blue and picturesque geothermal area.

After relaxing for a few hours, the group will head back to Reykjavik and check back into the hotel.

Breakfast and lunch are included.

Day 5

Free Day

Enjoy the island's endless opportunities. You can also take this time to sleep in, relax, and have a great chill day of exploring Reykjavik's museums and shops.​


Some recommended day trips include:

Whale Watching Tour

Get close up with these gentle giants and see other Icelandic wildlife, including white-beaked dolphins.​

Snæfellsnes Peninsula Day Trip

The perfect day trip to West Iceland: ​fjords, volcanoes, beaches, sea cliffs, colorful fishing villages, and glaciers. 

Golden Circle Day Trip (with snorkeling between tectonic plates as an add-on)

You'll visit the famous Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir geothermal area. This trip stops at a traditional Icelandic farm.

Breakfast is included. 

Day 6

Free Day

Think back to the once-in-a-lifetime trip you just had!


Grab one last meal with your new best friends while planning the group's reunion trip!


Enjoy a set transfer back to the airport. If you have free time before your flight, try out one of our free-time recommendations, grab some food in Reykavik, or opt for an optional excursion!


Breakfast is included. 

Photo by @sidd_z_chauhan and @manushi.shahhh
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