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We are not currently offering any departure dates for this itinerary in 2020.

Please check back later for more updates or browse our other available trips here.


Looking for the ultimate adventure to start off the summer? Here it is. 

Two continents. Three countries. Nonstop memories.


You'll start this trip of a lifetime in Spain's capital. With Madrid's churros con chocolate and palace views, you'll be hooked from the start. Next, Seville. This charming city in Southern Spain is often a favorite among travelers thanks to its endless tapas, 14th century Moorish Alcazar, and nightlife.  From Seville, you'll head to Gibraltar. As it's technically British territory, your passport will be stamped before a cable car ride up to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar where you'll find ocean views and adorable wild monkeys.


Next, Morocco! Your first taste of Morocco is the Instagram-famous blue city in the mountains, Chefchaouen. After wandering through the medina, you'll see why they call it the Blue Pearl. Your next stop is Marrakesh, where the Moroccan culture is flowing through the largest marketplace in the world. From there you'll embark on a journey into the Sahara. You'll first experience Ait Ben Haddou and Ouarzazate, the Door to the Sahara and the backdrop of Gladiator. Next, a sunset camel ride into the desert dunes towards your camp in the Sahara. Get ready for a sky full of stars in the biggest desert in the world. Finally, you'll end the trip back in Marrakesh with countless new memories!

Madrid, Spain 

Seville, Spain 

Gibraltar (UK Territory)

Chefchaouen, The Blue City, Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco 

Ouarzazate & Dades Canyon, Morocco

Merzouga Sahara Desert, Morocco

*Full Trip Itinerary below*



  • 16 days // 15 nights

    • All hostels and hotels have been personally stayed in and chosen by the guides, Gavin and Jess.

    • *Note that Night 1 is your overnight flight.

  • 21 included and delicious meals

    • You'll have breakfast each morning, three dinners in Spain, and three dinners in Morocco, one being a farewell Moroccan dinner on the last night. 

    • You'll also enjoy free tapas and sangria each night in Madrid and Moroccan Mint Tea all day while in Morocco.

  • Private transportation between cities during the trip

    • Enjoy comfy seats that allow you to recline back and rest up before arriving in the next city. 

  • Airport transfer service

    • You'll have nothing to worry about as you arrive in Madrid and depart Marrakesh.

  • Several fun excursions

    • This includes but is not limited to walking tours, a cable car ride up the Rock of Gibraltar, a tour of Ait-Ben-Haddou where Gladiator and Game of Thrones were filmed, and a sunset camel ride into the Sahara Desert.

    • See the full itinerary below for specific details on the rest of the included excursions,

  • Personal trip consultants and guides for the duration of the trip

    • Travel experts Gavin and Jess will be your guides for the duration of your time in Spain and Morocco and will also be available for questions and consultation leading up to the trip.

  • Individual TWC Traveler Account and access to a private group Facebook for the trip 

    • Each TWC Traveler will be given access to their own account where they will find a trip-specific packing list, options to contact their trip consultants with any questions, a link to a private Facebook group for just the Spain and Morocco TWC travelers and trip consultants, and more information. 

  • Please note that your overseas flights to Madrid and from Marrakesh are not included. We recommend booking a roundtrip flight to and from Madrid and a flight from Marrakesh to Madrid. Please submit an inquiry above or contact a TWC Trip Consultant if you have any questions or concerns about flights. 


*Full Trip Itinerary below*



Check out @travelworldculture and #travelworldculture on Instagram for more photos of the trip!

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"I DEFINITELY recommend Travel World Culture for all travelers - from novice to experienced! Some of my most cherished and memorable moments came from the breathtaking experiences TWC crafted. I have traveled internationally quite a few times and TWC made this the easiest trip to plan - because I didn’t have to plan! Typically, I spend MONTHS scouring reviews for accommodations, researching the top experiences, and planning logistics for itinerary and transportation. A lot of time and effort is needed to plan a memorable trip that runs smoothly. With TWC, I didn’t have to worry about any of this! Also, they are so accommodating to work with whatever your situation is.

For anyone worried about going solo, I say go for it!! TWC definitely cultivates a strong sense of community and camaraderie. I went by myself and made some amazing friends & travel buddies!"

-TWC Traveler, Casey



  • Highlights 

    • The flight will most likely be an overnight flight due to the time change, so get some sleep and watch some free movies! Don't forget to grab those free meals and drinks on your overseas flight.

    • Rest up for the amazing trip ahead of you!

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  • Included Highlights 

    • Arrive in Madrid, Spain's lively capital famous for beautiful architecture and tapas bars. 

    • Transportation from the airport to the highly awarded and hand-chosen hostel is included.

    • Grab a drink and meet the group at the accommodation before the Welcome Orientation. 

    • After the Welcome Orientation and a short tour around the area, mingle with the group and enjoy free tapas and sangria. 


  • The rest of the evening is yours! Recommended Optional Activities and Excursions include:

    • Take an afternoon to explore the other side of the city, including Madrid's famous Parque del Buen Retiro and the Palacio De Cristal.  

    • Join the Pub Crawl to be shown the best of Madrid's nightlife. 

    • Take a tapas tour!

    • The perfect sunset activity is visiting the Egyptian Temple of Debod for a great overlook.

    • Don't miss Chocolateria San Gines for the best churros con chocolate! 




  • Included Highlights 

    • Indulge in a included breakfast and fuel up for your first full day!

    • Spend the day exploring all that Madrid has to offer.

    • You can join the group for a Walking Tour through the center of Madrid that leaves right from the hostel. Experience the capital of Spain and learn about Spanish royalty, legends, and culture with insightful local guides. You will get to visit several famous sites, including Puerta Del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Oriente and the Real Palace of Madrid.

    • Get to know the rest of your group over free sangria and tapas at the accommodation. Then you can head elsewhere or grab a drink at the rooftop bar of the accommodation that was rated the #1 rooftop bar in Mardid!











  • Included Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy the free breakfast.

    • Private transportation from Madrid to Seville is included.

    • Get your first impression of Seville with a short walk around the area. You'll get to experience it all in the most picturesque part of the city with the accommodation being in the historic Santa Cruz neighborhood.

    • Choose to join the free activity or tour of the afternoon starting at the hostel! 

    • Enjoy an included dinner with your group, which will become like your family during this trip!

    • You can choose to join the group and guides from the accommodation on a free tour to experience the nightlife in Seville.


  • Recommended Optional Activities and Excursions

  • Visit the Real Alcazar for a beautiful glimpse of the blend of Christian and Islamic history in Seville. 

  • Explore the Triana neighborhood along the river for great cafes and markets.

  • Catch a Flamenco show! 

  • Explore Plaza España for yet another reason why Seville is one of the most picturesque cities.

  • Go up to the top of the Metropol Parasol, a large wooden sculpture located downtown, for sunset and get a free drink included! 




  • Included Highlights 

    • Wake up for another included breakfast. 

    • Join the included Walking Tour of Seville that leaves from the hostel and learn about the history of the city from a passionate local guide. You are right in the middle of Seville's rich history! 

    • Choose to join the free activity or tour of the afternoon starting at the hostel! 

    • Join the group once again for an included dinner at the accommodation. 

    • You can choose to join the group and guides from the accommodation on another free tour to experience the nightlife in Seville.




  • Included Highlights 

    • Wake up and grab another breakfast.

    • Choose to join the free activity or tour of the afternoon starting at the hostel! Otherwise, the day is yours in Sevilla! 

    • Join the group once again for an included dinner at the accommodation. 

    • You can choose to join the group and guides from the accommodation on another free tour to experience the nightlife in Seville.




  • Included Highlights

    • Wake up and grab breakfast to fuel up for the longest day of the trip. You're headed to Africa today! 

    • Private transportation is included from Seville to the border of Gibraltar. 

    • You'll get your passport stamped as you enter Gibraltar, a territory of the UK. You're such a world traveler! 

    • After crossing the runway and the option to stop in town for food (don't skip the fish and chips!), you'll have an included cable car ride up to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. Prepare for the best ocean views and a visit with the cutest (and only) wild monkey population in Europe up top!

    • After plenty of time to take 'grams, you'll then be transported to Tarifa, a beach town on the coast of Spain. Grab your last meal in Spain or sit by the ocean before boarding the ferry to Morocco! Welcome to Africa! ​​

    • After arrival in Tangier, Morocco, transportation to the accommodation in Chefchaouen is included. Get settled in and prepare for your mind to be blown by the Blue Pearl tomorrow!


  • Recommended Optional Activities and Excursions 

    • Walk to visit the historic tunnels used in World War 2 from atop the Rock of Gibraltar. Also nearby is a Moorish castle for those history buffs! 

    • Take an ocean stroll, or maybe even squeeze in a swim, in Tarifa, a famous beach town on the coast of Southern Spain. 




  • Included Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy a complimentary breakfast as a group. Head up to one of the rooftop terraces to take in the incredible mountain views and sea of blue houses. 

    • Join Gavin and Jess an included excursion to the blue medina of Chefchaouen. The group will depart from the accommodation in the morning and make the quick walk to the medina. Gavin and Jess will walk the group through the small winding streets. They will make sure to point out the best secret photo spots, Plaza Uta el-Hammam, and rooftop spots to grab lunch and dinner. 

    • You can then choose to have the evening to yourself or join Gavin and Jess on a short hike up to the Spanish Mosque overlooking the city and surrounding mountains for sunset.



  • Recommended Optional Excursions and Activities

    • Visit the Kasbah Museum and Andalusian Gardens in the middle of old town. 

    • Visit a traditional Hammam for an authentic spa experience. 

    • Visit the Ras El Maa waterfall just outside of town. 

    • Admire the beauty of the Grand Mosque in town.




  • Included Highlights 

    • Private transportation is included from Chefchaouen to Marrakesh, the Red City.

    • A stop will be made in Casablanca for the opportunity to look around and grab food.

    • After a short walk around the area, settle into the accommodation with free Moroccan Mint Tea, available all day. 

    • The day is yours to get a feel for this vibrant city! Explore the souks and the main square that are just a step away from the accommodation or check out the suggested activities below. 


  • Recommended Optional Activities and Excursions

    • Visit a traditional Hammam for an authentic spa experience. 

    •  Grab a fresh juice or snack in the bustling main square of the medina, Jemaa el-Fnaa. 

    • Browse the largest souk in the world. Don't forget to check out the Souk Place des épices to get a taste of the aromatic and colorful spices Morocco is famous for. 

    • Take photos for the 'gram in the iconic Jardin Majorelle. 

    • For more examples of grand architecture and history, visit the El Badi Palace or Bahia Palace. 

    • Take a cooking class to learn about Moroccan spices and the traditional tajine dishes.




  • Included Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy another complimentary breakfast complete with tea. 

    • Take in the view of the city from the large rooftop terraces before heading out for the day.

    • The day is yours in Marrakesh! You'll have plenty of optional activities and recommendations to choose from.




  • Included Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy another complimentary breakfast complete with tea. 

    • The day is yours in Marrakesh! Take in the city vibes and relax before you head out tomorrow for the Sahara Desert!




  • Included Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy another complimentary breakfast complete with tea. 

    • Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. You're headed to the Sahara Desert! 

    • Transportation from Marrakesh to the accommodation in Dades Canyon is included. 

    • Along the way, you'll have the chance to stop and see the amazing Atlas Mountains.

    • Next, you'll have a guided tour of Ait-Ben-Haddou, an ancient village that's now an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site where Gladiator and Games of Thrones were filmed.

    • After Ait-Ben-Haddou, you'll get a chance to see Ouarzazate, a small town oasis against blue skies and desert sands known as the gateway into the Sahara. 

    • Finally, you'll reach Dades Canyon for an impressive sunset view and arrive at the hotel. 

    • Settle in and prepare for an included dinner as a group. 

    • Next, you can rest up in your room or bring a blanket up to the rooftop to lay and look at the sky full of stars. 




  • Included Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy another complimentary breakfast complete with tea. 

    • Your first stop today is a tour with a local guide through Tinghir, learning about the vibrant history and customs of the region and the Berber culture. During the tour, you'll also be shown how the famous Berber rugs are made. 

    • Your next stop is to see the Todgha Gorges, a series of beautiful canyons in the Atlas Mountains. 

    • Now it's time for the most spectacular part of the trip: the seemingly infinite sand dunes of the Merzouga Sahara Desert. Upon arrival in Merzouga, you'll take a camel ride through the dunes to the campsite. Take it in... the endless blue sky, the glowing desert, and especially your new camel friend. 

    • Upon arrival at the campsite, you're free to explore. Be sure to join back with the group for an included traditional Moroccan dinner.

    • Are you ready for this next level glamping experience? After dinner, join the group for a campfire and traditional Berber music under the stars. 

    • This glamping experience will include local guides, mattresses, and a campsite bathroom, so there's no need to worry if you're not the outdoorsy type. 




  • Included Highlights 

    • You'll wake up in the sand dunes of the Sahara. What a dream. 

    • Your first activity is a sunrise camel ride through the dunes. 

    • After the camel ride, you'll be taken to a hotel to have an included breakfast and time to freshen up. 

    • Transportation from the Merzouga Sahara Desert to Marrakesh is included. 

    • You'll arrive back in Marrakesh, and the evening is yours to check off whatever else is left on your endless Moroccan bucket list!




  • Included Highlights 

    • Wake up and enjoy another complimentary breakfast complete with tea. 

    • The day is yours in Marrakesh! It's your last day in Morocco... live it up!

    • Join the group in the evening for an elaborate traditional Moroccan meal, all included, to celebrate the end of an amazing trip! 




  • Included Highlights 

    • Grab some tea and one last included breakfast!

    • Transportation to the airport is included. 

    • Enjoy some more free drinks and meals on the flight back home.

    • Think back on all of your adventures from this trip, say bye to all of your new friends, and enjoy your last day!

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