Ecuador Winter Break Trip Package!



If you're going to visit Ecuador, do it right! This 10-day trip leads you through the Andes Mountains to see the highlights of Ecuador. Along the way, you'll be staying in hand-picked accommodations and taking excursions personally recommended by Gavin. You'll stand in two different hemispheres at once, climb volcanoes, relax in hot springs underneath cascading waterfalls, and enjoy some of the most picturesque scenery you've ever seen. Ecuador is truly one of the most unique and spectacular places on Earth.


  • -9 nights in hand-picked accommodations

  • -10 free and delicious meals

  • -Transportation (mostly private)

  • -Several fun excursions (see the trip itinerary for more details below)

  • -Free Expert Flight Locating

All for the price of $399 per person!

Message me at the bottom of the page for group discounts.


January 4th - January 13th

Trip itinerary


  • Highlights

  • -Arrive in Quito, the capital of Ecuador at an elevation of 9,250 feet in the stunning Andes Mountains. Let the adventure begin!

  • -Private transportation from the airport to the highly awarded hostel included.

  • -Grab a drink at the rooftop bar of the nationally awarded hostel for the sunset. Enjoy the breathtaking views overlooking Quito.

  • -Meet everyone in the group and grab an affordable communal dinner.

Enjoy your first look at the amazing city of Quito over drinks at sunset.

Day 2: QUITO

  • Highlights

  • -Enjoy the free walking tour offered in the morning.

  • -Meet your tour guide in the lobby of the hostel.

  • -Visit La Compañía de Jesús, the most fascinating church in the city.

  • -Tour the Centro Histórica and learn about the history of the city while walking along the preserved colonial streets.

  • -Finally, you will also visit the Plaza Granda, home to the President's palace, Palace de Gobierno.

  • Recommended Optional Excursions:

  • -Explore more of Quito by visiting Mitad del Mundo. Here you can stand on the Equator and tell your friends via Instagram that you were in two hemispheres at once!

  • -Experience the nightlife in Quito! The hostel provides a party bus and fishbowl drinks for only $2. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the city and make amazing friends from across the world.

You can't miss checking out the Lively music and dancing in Quito!


  • Highlights

  • -Private transportation to Cotopaxi Volcano included. Cotopaxi National Park is an iconic destination for those traveling in Ecuador. Here you will find volcanoes that reach 19,388 feet tall. There are many ways to experience the area with hiking, biking, and horseback riding, but Cotopaxi is also a great place to kick back and relax.

  • -Get settled into the world famous hostel with wine by the fire before your complimentary lunch.

  • -Enjoy an included 2 hour welcome tour to beautiful waterfalls in the area.

  • -Stay hydrated and refreshed with included tea, coffee, and drinking water throughout the day.

There are views of the volcano from every turn in Cotopaxi National Park.