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Reasons to Visit Sayulita, Mexico

This week's blog is written by travel blogger and TWC Ambassador Amanda Eavenson! Amanda has been an avid traveler for most of her life and embarked on her first solo trip to Iceland with TWC in March 2022. She is passionate about helping others find a mix of touristy and local hotspots and making their planning go as smoothly as possible with her tips. Be sure to check out her blogs at! You can also stay updated with Amanda by following her TikTok: @pinacoladapassport and Instagram: @amanda.eavenson

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Sayulita is a destination I haven’t been able to get off my mind since I returned from this colorful

town situated on the west coast of Mexico. After spending 5 days in an always-sunny location filled with vivid flags, Latin music, tacos on command, and head-turning murals, it was impossible to depart Sayulita without dreaming of some alternate universe where I chose to stay and abandon my responsibilities back home.

Until the time comes for me to return, I’m determined to inspire others to visit this laidback surf town with a surprisingly untamed party scene post-sunset. While many individuals traveling from the States opt for overdone tourist-clad destinations like Cancún or Puerto Vallarta, I urge you to reconsider your travel plans and look into a setting that will provide a more local feel. Listed below are a few reasons why Sayulita rises above the rest in my eyes.

The Beaches are a Surfer’s Dream

Sayulita has become a hometown for those who seek a supportive surf culture and ideal wave conditions to practice this local sport. Surfers traveling to the area will find a prime atmosphere to practice their skills and bond with kindred spirits seeking the thrill of riding a wave to shore. Sayulita’s main beach stretches for about a mile and is often filled with surfers of all levels, from those learning the elementary skills of the sport to those who have mastered this hobby. However, there are countless other beaches where the local athletes have practiced this pastime, many of which are visited by surfing schools and those looking to find a more secluded area to polish their expertise. Even if you have no surfing experience, there are numerous instructors who can teach you the basics and provide you with the motivation and confidence to stand on your board, giving you a new talent to boast about when you return home.

The Food Scene Is Next-Level

From humble street tacos to cacao smoothies to sushi, the food scene is quite diverse in Sayulita. A huge fan of Mexican food myself, I was rather excited to sample some authentic dishes throughout my stay. The free breakfast at our hostel made this even more sustainable for me, as I was able to start my mornings with a new specialty each day. My challenge to you is to try as many foods as possible during your stay. You’ll be surprised at some of the tastiest restaurants you’ll find tucked away in side streets, such as 100% Vegana Taqueria!

The Nightlife Lasts Until Morning (for Some)

Despite its easygoing nature by day, Sayulita transforms into a lively town come nightfall. With a handful of drinking spots scattered throughout the small town, it is never difficult to see where the party crowd is headed as they migrate from bar to bar until the wee hours of the night. Our first night there had me out until 3 am, starting the evening getting our faces painted and ending the night indulging in late-night tacos next to Yambak.

Each night had new adventures in store for those of us who went out. And although we blindly promised ourselves we would get back earlier than the night before, we instead stayed out later each night and didn’t return home before the roosters began crowing. While you can certainly travel to Sayulita without staying out this late, I was glad I embraced the high-spirited spontaneity of it all, coming home with stories of staying out on the beach until 6 am and finding new friends in karaoke bars.

Color and Culture Are Everywhere

What initially drew me to Sayulita was the town’s eye-catching flags strung above its streets. Our van full of solo travelers let out a collective gasp when our taxi driver first steered us through the cobblestone streets decorated with these expressive symbols of Sayulita’s culture. The banners are a beautiful marking of Mexican heritage, brightening the whole of Sayulita even on its gloomiest day (if they ever experience one of those, that is). Aside from the evident bursts of colors lining the streets, the culture is also represented through murals of skeletons, handcrafted souvenirs, and vibrant alebrijes. Visitors should peruse through the many local shops and street markets to see the locals’ artistic talent that ties so closely together with their culture.

Mexican culture has always been of great fascination to me. Sayulita exemplified the beauty of their traditions, taught me a new skill of surfing, encouraged me to embrace spontaneity each evening, and further deepened my infatuation with Mexican food. This magnetic town is becoming more popular with tourists as the years go on but is still a relatively unheard-of vacation spot for the majority of individuals I’ve interacted with. Don’t wait for all the others to catch on - add Sayulita to your bucket list now!

TikTok: @pinacoladapassport

Instagram: @amanda.eavenson


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