Long-Term Travel Series: Volunteering for Your Stay with Workaway

Hi everyone! Jess with TWC here. Today we have a new post that is a part of our blog series, Long-Term Travel! This series features different travelers we've met who are traveling for an extended period of time and have found a reliable method to fund their travels as they go! Our hope is that this series will show that it is possible to travel long-term and conquer some of your bucket list without needing a savings account to afford it.

This series will be featuring people who are working online, volunteering for their stay through sites such as Workaway, getting free stays through house sitting, are self-employed, etc! We hope their stories inspire you to create and share your own! If you have found a way to fund your long-term travel and would like to be featured in this series, please email jessica@travelwc.com.


For our second blog post of this series, our friends from Italy, Silvia and Giacomo, who we met on the island of Tenerife, will be talking about their experience deciding to begin an indefinite period of travel, sustained by volunteering for room and board through the website Workaway. They will share what Workaway is and their best tips for applying to Workaway, picking a Host, applying for a position, and contacting Hosts. Luckily for us all, Silvia and Giacomo agreed to write a second part to this blog post, which will focus on their experience with Workaway after finding a position with a Host. Stay tuned soon to read Part Two! You can also check out Silvia on Instagram at @kimsoowear and on Facebook at Kimsoo @kimsoowear to see her beautiful work as a seamstress and an even more beautiful personality and person.

Tenerife, where we met Silvia and Giacomo!

To provide a little background for you, Gavin and I actually met these wonderful people, Silvia and Giacomo, when our paths crossed for 1 month while living and volunteering together on a permaculture farm that is nestled up high in the mountains of Tenerife, a Canary Island. 7 of us Workawayer volunteers shared an apartment and a little car, which we promptly nicknamed Chupito (Spanish for shot because he was small but mighty, of course). The 7 of us would pile into that little car, built to fit 4 or 5 people, and drive for hours around the island every weekend to natural pools, volcanoes, and beautiful nature.

Chupito & Mount Teide on Tenerife

During the week, we shared responsibilities around the farm and garden, learning from each other and our Hosts about renewable energy, organic farming, composting, cooking vegan meals, and many more lessons closer to our hearts.

Some of our Tenerife family!

But mostly, our little group was specifically focused on FOOD! Yes, that's right, all of the food we could get. We were mostly vegan while living on the farm, but I will admit that we would walk 45 minutes one-way several times a week to visit the Dulceria in a town nearby... Gavin and I will never forget the beautiful lessons about life, love, and especially food that we learned from this amazing group. Sharing special meals made with meaning each day was an experience we will never forget, and especially considering how amazing Chef Giacomo's cooking is...

Our 2 Italian friends, Giacomo and Silvia, especially left an impression on us. From the time Silvia spent over 24 hours making gnocci to perfection (and taking into the consideration the humidity of the air, as a proper gnocci-maker does) to Giacomo finding incredibly creative ways to make delicious meals out of any leftovers, we knew these two were special. We are so thrilled that they have written not one but two blog posts about their overall Workaway experience and have allowed us to share them with our Travel World Culture community.